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 taken from the internal Hard Drive of the Man They Still Call Dirty

First off, let me apologize for not posting to my blog more often but as you can tell from the headline, my new book, TALES FROM A DIRT ROAD, is coming out shortly. I want to thank everybody who purchased my first book for making it such a huge success. I didn't sell a million books like Stephen King or John Grisham but I can say that it was far more successful than I ever dreamed possible.

TALES FROM A DIRT ROAD...can be described much like my first book, a compilation of wrestling tales and stories from a road that only I traveled. The stories are taken directly from the internal hard drive of my memory or at least the memory that is still left from taking shots to the head for 30 years and related in a way that I hope everybody will enjoy.

TALES FROM A DIRT ROAD is not an autobiography because but it is as the title suggests...a documentation of the events and conversations that I have accumulated through a lifetime of traveling through the major cities of the world with a crazy ass bunch of professional wrestlers.  I relate behind the scenes stories that have up to now, never been told.  There's no rhyme or reason to the sequencing of the book.  I'm just talking and bulls****ing my way through in much the same way as I talk.  Just imagine yourself traveling down a long interstate highway with me in the car while I tell these wild and sometimes poignant stories that you've, most likely, never heard before. Enjoy.

On a personal note, since TALES FROM A DIRT ROAD is nearing completion, I want to thank the thousands of people who have emailed me about writing my second book.  I've shipped my first book all over the United States,  England,  Ireland,  Denmark,  Germany, Canada, Mexico, Australia and South Africa.   Up until last year,  I had never written much more than an email and becoming a published author was a completely new experience for me.   In TALES FROM A DIRT ROAD,   I have written what my instincts have told me that readers and fans want to hear.  All of the stories in my new book are true with a lot of literary license taken to make the stories more interesting.  Don't confuse that with lying because my lying book isn't coming out until next year.   Dates and times may be somewhat distorted but what the hell.  Its a story and as I've always said,  never let facts and stuff get in the way of good story telling.  Even the Mayan calendar in now saying the end of the world  could be 50 to a 100 years if the Mayans can't get it right after 2.000 years, don't expect me to.

Simply put,  its as the description above says, a compilation of tales and stories accumulated through a lifetime of traveling all over the world with a crazy bunch of pro wrestlers.  You know, traveling the world with a bunch of missionaries isn't nearly as much fun as traveling with wrestlers but probably a lot safer. 


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1.  TRAVELING WITH BORDERLINE MENTAL PATIENTS...OR my beautiful time spent with traveling companions,  Sid Vicious and the Iron Sheik as we travel middle America, like lost homeless bastards but with cars,  for a never ending 30 day loop when we all were in WCW.  Note...the story ends up in an after hours bar in Knoxville, TN. at 3AM in the morning...wild story and we were lucky not to have gotten shot.  Seriously. 

2.   MADISON SQUARE GARDEN SHOWDOWN...this is a story about an incident that got largely unreported at the time by all the wrestling sheets but it concerns a confrontation between the guys that I managed there,  Ron and Don Harris, and the leader of the Kliq, Shawn Michaels when they confronted backstage at the most famous arena in the World,  Madison Square Garden.   This did not happen inside the wrestling was in the main dressing room of the Garden.  If anybody wondered why the Blu Brothers had such a short run in the WWF, this is your answer. 

3.  VINCE RUSSO BEHIND THE is an in depth look at a polarizing figure in the world of pro wrestling.  This is the first time I've publicly spoken about Russo.  In this chapter,  you'll find out what he was like from a personal and professional viewpoint.  I first met Vince 16 years ago...when he was writing a column for the WWF magazine and since that time, he has been at the core of controversy.  Actually, to hears some tell it, he is the controversy.   This chapter is a look at him with the blinders off and one that only a handful of people have really seen.   A highly recommended chapter in the book.  

4.  A WILD NIGHT IN MEXICO this chapter,  I describe my first introduction to Mexico and to Mexican wrestling.  I found out that riling up fans with just an interview by pushing the right buttons works in Spanish too and I wasn't even in the match.  Good story along with the best of some of my political thoughts. 

5.  WRESTLING IN 105 DEGREE TEMPERATURES...this is a story that I lifted off my blog that I had written a year ago or so but it was so defined and humorous that I had to include it in the book.  It's a story of my rookie year in the business and how I had to find a way to navigate the political minefields of the business while at the same time, keeping a check coming in.  Funny story. 

6.  JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...INSANE OR GENIUS?   After the Blu Brothers fiasco in the WWF,  the second man I managed was Bradshaw and still today,  I wonder if insanity can go unnoticed for years?  With Bradshaw,  its a tossup.  Great chapter with some funny moments especially when we ended up in Canada in Vancouver.  John should have been arrested and I should have been too....for being stupid enough to be with him.  

7.  WRESTLEMANIA first and only WrestleMania but I document a HUGE WEEKEND in where Lawrence Taylor wrestled BamBam Bigelow and all the happenings backstage and leading up to this event.  WRESTLEMANIA today is a part of Americana and for me to have appeared on it...was one of the biggest thrills I've ever had in the wrestling business.  

8.  A FIGHT YOU NEVER HEARD ABOUT...a story about a wild night in Tampa during the glory of original Florida Championship Wrestling in which Jack and Jerry Brisco wanted to have a word of prayer with Ernie 'the Cat' Ladd at 2AM in the morning in a parking lot.  This was  more than just a meeting,  it turned into a fight. Usually, most meeting wait until the next day to happen but not this one.  Needless to say,  the prayer session went south but who did it go south for?   Read the book.

9.  CREATIVE MEETINGS...WTF really goes on behind the closed doors of a creative meeting?  How are decisions made...and who makes those decisions?  I've sat in on hundreds of creative meetings in Memphis,  Mid-South, Florida,  Puerto Rico,  WCW,  TNA and once in WWF and believe me...they're all the same.  I blow the lid off whatever vision people have had about the creative efforts behind the scenes.  It's a lot like government...except less productive..only the names have been changed to protect the guilty. 

10.  THE EDDIE GRAHAM STORY...this is a story circa mid 80's,  Tampa, Florida.  If you don't know who Eddie Graham was,  then let me enlighten you.  Eddie Graham was at one time one of the most respected wrestler and promoter in the wrestling world or he was in the United States.  He committed suicide in 1985 while I was booking Florida.  Here is my take on what happened and what led up to the tragedy.  

CONSCIOUSNESS?  Concussions, back when I wrestled, were not taken as seriously as they are today.  This is a true story of a time when I got knocked out...but the real story was a mini-dream I had while unconscious.  When I've told this story before,  I get the old 'eye roll' and 'sure, we believe you' look.  Bastards. 

12. THE ORIGIN OF WRESTLER COURT.  I OBJECT YOUR HONOR.  If you've never heard of Wrestler Court, you will after reading this chapter.  A short chapter on where it came from and by who and who were its earliest victims.  Can you say Undertaker and John Bradshaw.

13.  MEETING THE KU KLUX KLAN FACE TO a wrestling show.   True story.  The last people I thought I'd meet at a wrestling show was the KKK but somehow,  I managed to do it.   Good chapter. 

14.  MEETING A YOUNG SCOTT HALL FOR THE FIRST TIME.   There's a thousand stories about Scott...this is but one of them.   When veteran wrestlers work with young rookies, especially one as big and jacked as Scott was when he started,  it tends to make them nervous.  People forget sometimes just how big Scott Hall was at one time.  Refer to the photo.  Interesting TALE FROM A DIRT ROAD. 
Plus many more...

DISCLAIMER:   As you've just read above,  some of the chapters in this book aren't all funny.  Unlike my last book,  some of the stories I will include in the TALES FROM THE DIRT ROAD are not all funny nor humorous.  Wrestlers are real people with real life problems and with all problems,  they have to deal with them.   I have been on the edges of some of these stories and hopefully,  through this book,  you will see how tough life can be behind the spotlights of this wild and crazy business.   There are a few serious stories in my book which underscore the lives behind the people I write about.  Trust me...all these stories are TRUE and REAL...even the ones I make up. 

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