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If you're addicted to the wrestling business like most people I know...this book is for you.   Its story after story of events and situations that  have happened in the wrestling business in days gone by as I traveled by car, plane and motorcoach doing what I love doing...wrestling.  Things will never be the way they were years ago but that doesn't mean you can't hear about them and relive them through my book,  TALES FROM A DIRT ROAD. 

I am pleased to announce  that my second book,  TALES FROM A DIRT ROAD,  is expected to be available for purchase in early December just in time for Christmas.  Hear that folks...just in time for Christmas.   This book is the followup to my first book,  THE WORLD ACCORDING TO DUTCH, that was widely received among wrestling fans and critics alike. 

I want to thank everyone who purchased and read my first book and when I was putting together TALES,  it was a constant reminder that my second book had to be better or exceed my first one.  Seriously,  I didn't know if anyone would even bother with reading the first one let alone buy it but sales surprised me and still do.  The book is still selling.  If you haven't bought yet,  it should be required reading for all serious wrestling fans.  If you haven't,  click on the box at the right and you can still order it.

I made this comment in a recent interview that I did promoting the release of TALES FROM A DIRT ROAD.

"After my first book, I was surprised that readers were emailing me and asking about a followup to the book. TALES FROM A DIRT ROAD is that sequel. It is a continuation of my first book.  One of the main criticism of the first was that "IT ENDED".  This book picks right up where my first one stopped.  Somewhere out on the DIRT ROAD.

The book takes you to Canada,  to Mexico and to Germany as well as NYC and Madison Square Garden.  If you thought the first book was good, I think that this one might be better.   In the book, I relate some funny stories and some that are serious in nature.  Some of these stories I have never told before but they're all true.  Or as true as a wrestler can make them.   Believe me people...some of these stories can't be made up.   They have to be told as they happened.

I've been told by my editors that this book is a better read than the last one and I hope they're right.  TALES FROM THE DIRT ROAD is a 250 page plus book with chapter after chapter with you as my traveling companion as we go up and down the neverending DIRT ROAD.   You asked for the sequel...this is it." 



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Order in time for Christmas.

This is not an autobiography.  I talk about everybody and everyone as they happen to fit into the story.   Some of the people profiled in the book include the Undertaker,  Jake the Snake,  Stone Cold,  Razon Ramone or as he was known then, Scott Hall,  Sid Vicious,  Iron Sheik,  Vince Russo,  Abyss,  Jeff Jarrett,  Jerry Lawler,  Bill Dundee,  Robert Fuller,  John Bradshaw,  Buddy Landell, Eddie Graham, Dusty Rhodes and on and on it goes.   Here are some of the chapters titles in no random order: 

Roaming North America with Crazy People...the JBL Story.   

Bradshaw was at times legitimately crazy or if he wasn't, he damn sure had  all the qualifications.  Traveling with Bradshaw was like like rolling dice.  You could win but you could damn sure lose.  Read about a night in Vancouver after a WWF PPV where we could have very easily gone to jail.  Plus his dislike of Jake the Snake. 

WrestleMania 11...this chapter covers all the events and backstage craziness that accompanies such a big even such as a WrestleMania.   It's an hilarious look behind the scenes and what goes on.  

Concussions in the Early Days...Now They Tell Me!!!

Concussions are taken seriously now...but in the past,  it was a part of the game.  I'm going to send this chapter to Mick Foley.  Recently, he revealed in an interview that he may have suffered permanent brain damage.  Really, Mick?  I love Mick but I could have told him that.   Read about some scary times when I along with about every other wrestler were walking around in a daze and never knew how dangerous it could be. 

Alcohol + A Bar + the Undertaker = a KnockOut night in the life of the Dutchman and the Undertaker as both end up in a precarious situation. 


Naked at the High School Gym...a night that a Wrestling show ended up getting wrestling barred from a town FOREVER.  We were forbidden from ever coming back to the town to wrestle.  FOREVER. Hey that's quite a long time. 

This is a late night hilarious account of the three of us in a bar at 3AM in the morning with bikers, rednecks, hookers, gays, Afro-Americans, Latinos and Asians plus I'm sure a couple of mental patients thrown in for good measure.   We ended up leaving in a hurry.   I can't make this stuff up people.

Murder in Tennessee and Meeting the Ku Klux Klan Face to Face at a Wrestling Match... interesting story behind the scenes. 

TNA and Vince Russo...Behind the Scenes...a look behind the scenes look at a man that is probably the most polarizing figure in all of pro wrestling...of ALL TIME. Who is he, how does he tick?   I worked with Vince Russo for 5 years in TNA...and for the first time,  I give my personal opinion on him.

What I Learned in'd be surprised.

Want to Be a Tough Guy...or A Smart Guy? A look back at how young Dutch learrned how to traverse the political minefields that only wrestling can produce.

Managing the Blu Brothers in the WWF and the Night They Confronted Shaw Michaels Backstate at MSG ...a night at the Garden that Shawn wished hadn't happened. He wasn't alone. I do too.

WWE International Tour...a highly detailed and humorous account of a WWF tour of Germany and how one member of the WWF crew had to be immediately whisKed off the tour due to a disgusting incident.

The Untold Eddie Graham Story...a lot of people might not remember Eddie Graham.  I do.  This  chapter is a serious look behind the scenes of a real life tragedy...and what I might have been able to do to prevent it.

The Last Sellout In Memphis...a first hand account of a match that sold out the Memhis Coliseum...for the LAST TIME.   The match was a TEXAS DEATH match that involved Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell. We didn't know it then...but it was the LAST SELLOUT EVER in the old Mid South Coliseum for wrestling.  It took us 26 falls and an hour and 15 minutes to do it but never before had fans been witness to such a match.  It only happened once and has never been repeated. 

Ernie Ladd Takes on the Brisco Brothers in a REAL STREET FIGHT.  True story.  This confrontation was a majorly underreported story about a REAL LIFE fight between Jack and Jerry Brisco and the Big Car Ernie Ladd that took place on a Tampa side street at 2AM in the morning.   The fight ended with an emergency room visit. Yes, blood was flowing.  This is an account that I heard directly from the mouth of one of the men involved and the whole story surrounding it. Highly recommended read.

The Origin of Wrestler's Court.. how does it work....where did it start...and who created it. Find out here.

Murder in Tennessee and Meeting the Ku Klux Klan Face to Face Down South
 Interesting chapter...again a true story. 

Fighting Wrestling Fans in a 7-11 Parking Lot...figths with wrestling fans were more or less common happenings back in the day...or they were with me. 

Wrestling in 105 Degree Temperatures...

Real Things That Happened at Real Wrestling Shows...crazy things that I have seen or heard of happeing at wrestling shows...true stories...I always thought wrestlers were the demented ones until I ran across some of these nuts. 

Riding with Dead People... if you don't believe this story, then I'll let it go.  I didn't believe it either even when it was happening. 

Where Did the Girls GO? Years ago,  good looking women made up about half the audience of wrestling show's crowd.  Now, you're hard pressed to find just a couple of good looking females there.   Today,  its 90% male.   This is an hilarious look back on the days when the 'women' frequented wrestling shows as I try to figure out where the females went.  And why? 

Plus a few more chapters that are still to be named. 

Christmas is COMING....order today!!!

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